Vanessa wants ‘world’s biggest bum’ hits gym at 4 am and eats six meals

A bodybuilding woman is on a mission to get the “world’s biggest natural bum”. Vanessa Ataides is so determined to boost her curves that she gets up at 4 am every day to go to the gym. She targets the glutes with various exercises like squats, as well as focussing on her legs.

The 35-year-old, from Brasilia, Brazil, also eats six protein-packed meals a day in the hope of building muscle. She told Truly: “My diet is planned especially to grow my bum so I can get the biggest bum in the world.

Source: Vanessa Ataidess

“I eat a lot of egg whites, meat, etc. Once I’ve had a meal, I’m already planning the next.” Vanessa added: “Today I want to achieve my aim with only supplements and diet… “I’m working hard to have the biggest bum in the world.”

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Vanessa Ataides Hits Gym at 4 am and Eats Six Meals Every Day