Wonderful Realities That You May Not Know About Disney

Most people find the universe of Walt Disney so striking and full of surprises. One may think that they know everything about Disney, but there might be some hidden facts. There is always something left for even the diehard fan of Disney to acknowledge. It can be some behind scene surprises, the characters’ fun, or some real story behind the film.

From the classic to brand-new, many of the famous and most beloved characters come from Disney Studios. When it comes to many stories and characters- there is something you would love to know. You can expand your Disney knowledge or surprise your friends with some never-known Disney facts discussed below.

Source: Imgur

#1 In the past time, Disney was the only animator allowed to produce color films

#2 The high score of Jr’s cabinet is 120501

#3 Samara Morgan was played by the voice actor who played Lilo

#4 Walt Disney achieved seven little Oscars for Snow White and Seven Dwarves

#5 Tiger roars were used for the Lion King

#6 48th Tarzan movie

#7 Baymax’s motions are demonstrated after baby penguins

#8 Peter Pan was not a favorite character of Disney

#9 The address asked by the Pizza Planet delivery boy in Toy Story was the street where Pixar Animation used to be situated

#10 In Princess and the Frog, Beyonce was the first choice to voice the role of Tiana, but she refused