An Illustrator And His Wife Won The Hearts Of Millions With Honest Comics About What It’s Like To Wait For A Kid


Yehuda Devir, a Tel-Aviv-based illustrator and a well- known cartoonist who has been drawing funny comics about his everyday life with his wife, Maya, has recently announced news of expecting their first baby. The artist decided to share this good news with the world by documenting every joy and hardship of this beautiful journey through illustrations. These cute artworks are so accurate that everyone who has ever gone through this situation will, for sure find something relatable to their story.
Check out the amazing works of this illustrator down here.

We’re Pregnant!

Lots Of Love!

The Care

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Those Irritating Breakouts!

Let Me Eat!

The funniest moments

That Better Watch Her Salt Mood!

The First Kick

Move Now!

All Sweet Times!

All Those Can’t Move Nights!

Here Is The Pic Of The Couple Look Like In Real Life!




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