30 Women Took The Risk Of Cutting Their Hair Short And Glad About It

These days, short hair for females are a very stylish option. Most women go with the trend and switch their look for becoming more stylish. Most of them feel radiant and they think this is one of the best decisions ever because they don’t have to suffer with damaged and split-ended hair anymore.

Kristina- Katsabina, a hairdresser from Moscow helps women to live their happy life with confidence. Hairdresser make amazing modification by only cutting their hair. This hairdresser proves that beauty of the women is not depend on the length of their hair nor on the society.

Why Kristina does these before- and- after comparisons? Because a fresh new look shows how a haircut can change a whole person’s look within some time.

If you are wondering to go for a big haircut, we have gathered some photos for you of Kristina’s best work which will help you for making decision.

Source:- Instagram


“A lot of women in their 30s are either working in a field they do not like or they have lost all of their inspiration to keep moving forward. It happened to me too; at some point, I lost all of my motivation to keep moving forward and deepen my knowledge when it came to my profession at the time. Before becoming a full-time hairstylist, I was teaching Spanish and also worked as a translator and choreographer”, Kristina told.



“I think if I would have my own children, I would probably be on maternity leave like most women. However, at the moment, all of the spare time I have belongs to me, and I’m putting it into self-realization by doing significant things that are important to me personally. I like to keep a realistic overview of myself and the things around me. Knowing what’s important to me and what I love and want has helped me to take steps in the right direction to become a hairdresser, and frankly enough, I was considering this profession for a while before that.


Now, talking about short haircuts—it was love at first sight. First, I fell in love with my own transformation, one could say I went to the extreme, going from long locks to the short hair I have now. The transformation results weren’t only visible in my appearance—no, the transformation also touched me from the inside too, I felt way happier than before.