French Artist Draws What Women Really Are In 15 Hilarious Illustrations

Social media has changed the meaning of beauty for all women. They think that outer beauty is more important, but as we all know the real truth is that if you are beautiful inside your outer side will become beautiful automatically. The younger generations are influenced by so-called unrealistic beauty standards. Whether you are in school, high school, or college you need to become a beautiful soul, not a beautiful robot. Sometimes the way women show off themselves to meet those unrealistic and weird standards kills their real identity and attitude which is really hurting.

Keeping all these points in mind, Cecile Dormeau, an illustrator from France, has started illustrating things that show all the raw moments that women do when they are alone. Her illustrations show almost everything that women find in themselves be it weird, unique, or ugly. To be precise, it can be said that most women can relate to these illustrations. We hope that these unrealistic standards rose by society will not affect women’s life. So, to see the change in society we should first start changing. Scroll down and let us know how much you can relate to it and how do you think these things can be changed.

You can follow Cecile Dormeau on Tumblr for more such illustrations.