Not All Women Want Kids and This Artist Illustrates Why It’s OK

A girl is expected to have a child as soon as she gets married. Society doesn’t even ask whether she wants a child or not. Because our society finds the idea of a woman that does not want any kid as outlandish and wrong. And that sounds ridiculous. They say that being a mother is a full-time job. So it shouldn’t be a surprise for our Society if some women don’t want to sacrifice some part of their lives just to raise a kid. Or just because society wants them to. 

So I want to ask the society that have you ever tried to find out why some women don’t want to have kids? no? why not! Because Maybe they’re afraid of the medical bills or maybe they can’t bear their financial expenses for their entire life. You never tried to find the reason Because you are so busy taunting them.

Let’s meet artist Kate McDonough, A woman who doesn’t want kids. Kate is from Dakota, USA. So she is an illustrator and loves to draw comics, portraits and lots of silly things. Humor has always been the root of her work. So she decided to explain to people why not having kids is completely okay. And she did a great job through her comics. Have a look!!

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