Woman Who Spent $600k To Look Like Kim Kardashian Is Now Spending $120k To Reverse It All

A Brazilian model who spent £500,000 and undertook 40 cosmetic procedures to look more like reality star Kim Kardashian is now spending a further £100,000 to undo it all and look more like her old self.

Jennifer Pamplona has admitted an addiction to cosmetic surgery, but is looking to kick the habit – after she has had the work to look like Kim Kardashian undone.

Kim Kardashian lookalike Jennifer Pamplona. Credit: Caters

Pamplona, 29, who currently resides in Dubai, said she had been ‘happy’ with the Kardashian look – and admits it made her money and gave her a lifestyle she enjoyed – but had begun to get annoyed as being just recognised as someone who looked like Kim Kardashian and wanted to be known for her own achievements.

Jennifer Pamplona. Credit: Caters

Indeed, Pamplona has studied and worked hard in recent years to become a businesswoman – she has her own cosmetics company, as well investing in various projects and done some acting roles.

Brazilian-born Jennifer Pamplona. Credit: Caters

Although her latter side hustle was impeded by her likeness to Kim Kardashian and influenced her decision to revert to her own face. Pamplona admits she didn’t set out to look like the reality star but, once people commented on the likeness, she went with it.

Pamplona underwent further surgery to reverse the makeover. Credit: Caters

The surgery to return to her own face was not easy. She had five procedures at the same time at a clinic in Turkey, and then suffered from infections and fears she would need a blood transfusion or lose the sight in one eye.

Pamplona before the makeover. Credit: Caters

But Pamplona came through it, and, despite the cost of the surgery and long recovery, she describes this as her ‘favourite’ surgery of them all as she is now ‘who she wants to be.’

Pamplona said the recent surgery was a ‘very difficult moment’ in her life. Credit: Caters