Woman Somehow Makes Her Entire Stomach Disappear In Baffling Video

A woman making her stomach disappear and her video is shocking people and going viral.

This woman has shown off the shocking and strange skill of making her stomach disappear. Her video has gone viral and some people are shocked, some expressing jealousy and others being slightly freaked out about her unique talent.

Sometimes we have all bloated days where it could be nice to make our bellies disappear. Even so, few of us can do anything about it.

Video seems very normal at the starting as the woman asks the two people to tell her what they think. Soon after, standing normally, the woman manages to bring her stomach into her body and it looks like her ribs are popping out.

Those two people are undoubtedly surprised as they exclaim their shock and the internet is echoing a similar sentiment. After the discussion  on that video we got to know that she is using a technique called stomach vacuuming.

One Reddit user wrote, ‘Weird flex but okay,’ and others seemed mystified by the stomach action. Nonetheless, it appears that others have been able to do it as children and one person wrote, ‘I used to do this as a little kid in front of people and say ‘I’m soooo hungry’ and my parents would freak out.’

This technique requires people to contract some internal abdominal muscles to almost disappear the stomach. It’s not an easy task and people are amazed by the footage.

Whether people could do the skill or not, it has certainly shocked most people as some of them are not familiar with stomach vacuuming.