Woman shares great trick to keep flies out of your home in hot weather

As we are well into summer and the temperatures are rising (well, hopefully), it is time to throw open the windows to let some fresh air in. But with that often comes flies an sundry other buzzing insects, that blunder around your house and annoy you when you are already hot and bothered.

Closeup of a housefly with its reflection in a glass window

Trying to hit one with a rolled-up newspaper rarely works, and flypaper can be messy, but there is a natural way to keep flies and the like out of your home – and best of all it doesn’t even cost £1.

Experts have revealed that flies don’t like fragrant herbs such as mint and basil, so if you put a few of those plants – which cost about £1 from most supermarkets or garden centres – on your windowsill or near to a door, then you should be able to enjoy the fresh air without any annoying buzzing.

Hot weather – such as was experienced in the UK and around Europe in the past week or so – helps to increase the number of flies, and they are attracted to food, especially barbeques and in kitchens and can spread bacteria or even lay eggs on things.

For the ecologically aware among us who don’t want to use chemicals to keep flies at bay, natural remedies such as this are ideal. Not only that, but putting fresh herbs such as mint and basil into your cooking can really help to enhance the flavour, more so than their dried counterparts, so there are other benefits too.

Another natural remedy is to create your own fly spray. Adding a few drops of essential oils such as lavender or lemongrass – two more scents hated by flies – to water in a spray bottle can help to  keep your kitchen smelling fresh all day and bug-free.