Woman Pours Ashes of Her Abusive Husband In Trash Can

Many women compromise their dreams and choose to stay in abusive relationships. In most cases, women do not agree to leave their abusive husbands because of their children. They suffer a lot to feed their kids, protect them from violent fathers, and provide them with a good life. 

Marsha Widener married to a violent man has suffered a lot in her life. Her husband was not only abusive to her, but with his parents, children, and other family members too. When her husband died, Marsha decided to get back at him by throwing his ashes in a trash bin.

Don, Marsha’s husband worked as a garbage truck driver, taking waste from companies to the local landfill. She thought that it would be righteousness to throw his ashes into the trash, so they would ultimately end up in a similar place. In her YouTube video, Marsha explained that no one in her family wants her husband to be around, but wants him to go in the trash or gutter.

source: Youtube

#1 She stomps some ashes spilled on the ground


#3 Then, she poured the ashes into the trash bin

#4 The last words she said to her husband were “Adios, amigo!”

#5 I Hope Marsha start a new life with her family