Delta paid woman $3K to give up her seat: ‘I almost broke my neck sprinting down the aisles’

A woman from the US made nearly ten times the amount of her plane ticket when she agreed to give up her seat on an overbooked flight.

Megan Keaveny, 30, said she “sprinted up the aisle” to take the offer.

Megan Keaveny was all set to travel to West Palm Beach in Florida from New York’s LaGuardia Airport when Delta Air Lines announced it was looking for 22 volunteers to stay on the ground as the flight had been overbooked and was offering people $1,300 to do it.

As Megan had only paid $358 for her seat originally, it was a tempting offer. But matters were complicated as her boyfriend wand friends ere already on board the plane.

Megan decided that if Delta upped the amount to $2,000 she would volunteer to get off the plane, she told CNBC Make It.

Keaveny is a 30-year-old Manhattan real estate broker.

However, in the short time it took her to join her travelling companions, Delta announced it had upped the amount it was willing to pay passengers to $2,500. This proved too tempting and Megan says she went “sprinting down the aisle” to take up the offer.

But that wasn’t all – by the time all the volunteers were back in the departure lounge, Delta had agreed to pay them all $3,000 for their trouble.

And, best of all for Megan, her plans were ruined as she quickly found a flight to Fort Lauderdale and, after a $50 Uber trip, rejoined her boyfriend and friend in West Palm Beach, nearly $3,000 richer than she had started the day.