Woman Keeps Recreating Celebrity Instagram Poses With Hilarious Twists

Instagram has proved to be a stronghold of the strangest celebrity photos, and Australian Celeste Barber is ever-prepared and eager to point out just how ridiculous they are. The parodies of celebrity pictures, when done right, can be so many times better than the actual pictures. One of the best parody makers we have ever seen is Celeste Barber. The woman who is released a collaboration with MCoBeauty has been going viral with her parody pictures of celebrities’ pictures. She calls herself an “Actress, Comedian, Writer, Lady.”

The best thing about parodies is always about how you can look ‘somehow’ close enough while making fun of all the luxuries some influencers have. Celeste has covered herself in dirt and even belly-flopped into a pool, all to make the internet laugh out loud. In her series #CelesteChallengeAccepted, which first went viral in 2015.

And we have compiled some of the best ones she’s ever done. Scroll on and check it out!!!

Source:- Instagram

#1 Stay focused, guys

The comedian has amassed 8.2million followers on Instagram alone. Celeste shares side-by-side photos of herself and sometimes with her husband, mimicking the weird photos spotted on Instagram to prove her point. Her dose of wit and a heavy dose of realism perfectly showcases the silly celebrity photos. So far, the parodies have been cheerful.

#2 Stop being so hard yoga

#3 When committed to Hide and Seek

#4 Trying out the wind swept look

#5 Know your place, babe

#6 Holidaying with help vs holidaying with kids

#7 It’s high Fashion

#8 The black Swan, episode 2

#9 Spoiler Alert: “I’m on the right”

#10 Rhythm is a Dancer in undies

#11 Getting into the long weekend is like