Thai Woman created Hilarious Instagram Vs Reality Collages (30 pics)

Is it weird that whenever you scroll through social media platforms, you find those perfect shots of people they post, and you think that maybe you are born ugly and have no sense of how to click pictures? And looking at those flawless Insta-shots is known to seriously hurt your self-image, but let me remind you that none of it is actually real.

People and other big Influencers spend 30 hours a day staging, taking trillions of pictures, and filtering and retouching the shots until they have something to share with their fans and followers. Maybe being a regular user of social media platforms, we do not know how all this works, but there is someone who knows.

So, meet this Thai model who knows an entirely different truth behind every Insta-perfect shot. Vienna, AKA Viennadoll, is a Thai model who isn’t scared of revealing her “unattractive” side to her followers. She creates genuine but hilarious “Instagram Vs. Reality” collages that display the reality behind the shots is entirely different from the picture. Moreover, her looks aren’t always flawless as they appear on social media.

Vienna became a model when she was 19 years old, and she had about 10K followers on Twitter, but now she has 178k followers. Of course, she is the only one behind her success. Well, some of the software helped her to retouch her photos. Yes, so it turns out that she uses some software like *Ulike* to retunes her images. Moreover, she touchup images by adding up some kind of filters to her face and background.

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However, the *real* ones were not manipulated at all. So, the reality shots were taken with a phone camera without any editing. So, that is why both the pictures are super different. Well, you gotta see the results. And, I am damn sure your fantasy of *perfection* will burst like a balloon. So, go scroll and check them out