Woman Claims To Speak Fluent Alien After Opening Galactic Portal 

A Colombian woman has claimed that she can speak fluent alien ever since she opened a galactic portal back in 2012. 

Mafe Walker claims that the cosmic ability was revealed after a visit to the pyramids in 2012. Since then, she can talk to the aliens, like some intergalactic Dr Doolittle. 

Mafe Walker has claimed she is in touch with alien languages in a series of bizarre TikTok videos (Image: @mafewalkerstarseed/CEN)

Mafe, who is a star on TikTok (obviously), showcased her talents on a Mexican TV show, Venga la Alegria recently. 

This caused a sensation on social media across the world. No doubt it is also helping her business. Mafe is happy to help others to develop their own psychic abilities – for a small fee, of course. 

The ancient Teotihuacan pyramids are said to have opened up a new vocal chord for Mafe (Image: Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

Mafe is not the only person to claim they are communing with extra terrestrials recently. Emanuela Rose cropped up on iconic UK morning show This Morning claiming that she has an alien boyfriend that she hopes to marry someday. 

Emanuela says that her extra terrestrial beau is much better than any Earth men she’s dated in the past. “Once you go alien, you’ll forget Earth men,” she said to gobsmacked hosts Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield, adding they are a million times better. 

Rose said that the inflatable was a stand-in for her alien boyfriend. Credit: ITV

Although there is a problem with the relationship: she says that going ‘all the way’ with them would kill her as they are ‘love, light and pure energy.’


So, are aliens trying to contact us – and fall in love with us – or is it people trying to get famous on social media? Who know? Let us know what you think in the comments!