TikTok Star Carries Chairs And Even A Table With Her Breasts

A 21-years old woman from Newport, Wales started recording herself wedging many household items beneath her breast.

Everyone was shocked with the results as she has gone viral on social media. In her video she has shown how she can hold garden chairs, two litre bottle of water and even a table.

Most of the people were shocked including undergraduate students after finding that she hold a heavy two litre water bottle under her 34GG breast without her hands then a plate, chair and even a weighing scale.

Catrin said- she was just looking at something and was like “can I hold that?” I tried it and I could, and I was like “ok, how big can I go with this?”.

‘I think it was a water bottle first, and that was easy – and then it got bigger and bigger, until the chair and I was like “oh, ok”.

‘I was just shocked – the 2L bottle of lemonade shocked me because that one’s so heavy – I don’t really understand the physics, but I’m ok with it.

‘I shared them to make people laugh and because I was so shocked – I didn’t know I could do it.

She said- she shared video of herself because she couldn’t believe and wanted to make other’s laugh. Her hilarious talent gone viral on TikTok, where she has racked up more than 3 million views. She claims her 223,500 TikTok followers were equally stunned and laughed at her incredible new talent. And Catrin also received so many messages from her friends on Instagram.

She is holding a portable table with her 34GG breast.

Catrin has over 3 million views on it. She said- “I was inspired by another content creator on the platform.

Catrin is 5 feet 3 inches tall and lifting heavier items. In above picture you can see she is holding a chair with her breast only.

She is with her vanity mirror

She also told that the ring light couldn’t last long as it was too heavy and her room is not large.

Somehow she managed to hold many objects, but she admitted that some, mainly the heavier ones like the lemonade bottle, are undoubtedly more difficult than others.

The laundry basket was too difficult, she dropped it on her foot and got injured, she told.

‘I was most surprised that I could hold the ring light, lemonade and the chair – those are the ones that shocked me the most.’

Holding a two-litre water bottle and a bottle of gin has proven ‘easy enough to hold with her bust, she said.

She is lifting her laundry basket

Catrin holding the bin

Pulling out the weighting scale.

Catrin with the plate.

She said the skill could be one that many people haven’t discovered that they have and shared plans to hold a TV.