Woman Almost Dies After Picking Up $1 Bill From The Ground

A US woman has said that stopping to pick up a $1 bill from the floor outside a fast-food restaurant nearly cost her her life – and it was only fast work by her husband and medics that saved her.

Kentucky resident Renne Parson said she collapsed and was rushed to hospital soon after picking up the note.

The Parson family – Renne, husband Justin and their children – had only stopped at a McDonald’s restaurant in Nashville, Tennessee to use the bathroom.

While waiting for her husband to use the toilet, Renne spotted the note lying on the floor and – as most of us would – she picked it up and pocketed it, she told Facebook.

Credit: Facebook/Renee Parsons

Renne then used the restroom herself and, on returning to their vehicle, told Justin about her luck in finding the note. She then wiped her hands with a baby wipe because she remembered Justin previously warning her of the dangers of picking up cash from the floor, as there had been cases of them being dunked in the drug fentanyl.

It was as she did this Renne says a feeling hit her “like a tonne of bricks.” Her body quickly went numb, and she struggle to breathe. With Justin shouting at her to stay awake, he frantically tried to find the closest hospital.

Credit: Facebook/Renee Parsons

Justin rushed Renne to hospital, but she lost consciousness on the way. Fortunately, the medics knew what to do, and within a few hours she was returning to normal.

Renne added that police reckon the note had been used to cut drugs and then dropped by accident or was smeared in a drug and then dropped purposely.

Renne says the moral of the story is that if you see a note lying on the floor – whether it is $1 or $100 – leave it alone!