Artist’s 20 Witty Illustrations That Poke Fun At Our Society’s Standards


We care a lot about our readers and we have to bring different funny comics for them.‌ This time too we bring our readers the best Dominion Delforge epic comics. By reading their straight and funny jokes, you will also laugh and your stomach will ache while laughing.

The Belgium-based artist from Antwerp has over 104k followers on Instagram. Artist has left a very good impression among the people through their artwork. We are sure that you will also become a fan of this artist after seeing their work and you can’t stop laughing. The artist is slowly trying to increase their fan following through his quirky style. The purpose of the artist is to make art in the hearts of the people. The motto of this talented artist is “You don’t fart without art”. Their best thinking is one of the secrets of their success. As soon as you read their comics, you will also agree with their views and laugh. You will get to see a strange kind of sense of humor in their art, which can not be more fun. Now end your wait and check out his artwork by scrolling down.

You can also follow the artist on Instagram for more information.




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