Artist’s 20 Witty Comics Perfectly Depict What Motherhood Is All About

We understand how difficult it is to be a mother but sometimes there are such situations that we cannot express with our words how difficult it is. Talented artist and mom of three Anya is doing the same. This talented artist Anya is from Russia and through her art she proved that motherhood can never be a reason to ignore work or overlook creativity and development.

This talented artist enjoys writing poems and making music but mostly focuses on viral and trustworthy comics based on motherhood. She is slowly achieving her goal and is also becoming very popular among people. Anya has an Instagram account named funny_2b_mommy where people are giving her love openly. Anya’s regular audience eagerly awaits her artwork, whether it is to highlight the daily struggle or to laugh at the absurdity of it all. This is very pleasing to all her fans. We have displayed some of the work of this talented artist below you can scroll and enjoy it. For more information, you can give your love by following this artist on Instagram.





















Let us know which one you find most relatable. Follow the space for more such comics.