15 Pictures That Are The Ultimate Proof Witchcraft Is Real

Every day we see many things which are weird and beyond our imagination. Those things are impossible to understand. We always think we know everything, but then something mysterious happens to us and all our illusions are dispelled. Many wonders on this planet can’t be explained but they are present in the world.

In this article, we brought you some insane images which are not explainable but they will convince you that there is something like supernatural power which runs the whole world.

Scroll to the end to see all the images and tell us how many images make you amazed and how many images forced you to say WTF.

1. Impossible Jenga

In my whole life, I never saw this balance of Jenga.

2. Water bike

Jesus are you riding it?

3. Alien?

I really want to see his X-Ray.

4. How?

Is that even possible?

5. WTF man?

I think he knows witchcraft.

6.  Insane balance

This man must be tested by scientists.

7. What gravity?

So what is that thing you are talking about? Gravity?

8. Jesus’s cat

Cats really symbolize black magic.

9. Water in summer

This lady set fire on water.

10. Basket bending

Someone knows how to bend shopping baskets.

11. No tire no problem

A perfect lady can bring balance to your unbalanced life.

12. Another wonder

Let me throw a ball.

13. Crazy parking

His driving license must be canceled.

14. No glue used

Yeah, all these bottles are balanced without glue.

15. Showing skills

When you want to ride a bike but due to your low budget, you can’t afford it.