Wildlife Photography Awards Funniest Entries From The 2019 Is Here!

From Giggling zebras and seals, fist-fighting lions to a really surprised otter, get ready to see the 38th amusing funniest finalist of 2019 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards who are all set to delight us with their cute and funny poses.

This award contest was designed to create awareness of the natural world which, as we all know, is in danger. The award founders Paul Joynson-Hicks and Tom Sullam, every year conduct this contest to help out the wildlife in every possible way. The photography contest they do is global, online, and free to enter. 

I swear it’s too tough to choose from, as all entries are damn good! Don’t believe it? Scroll down and see by yourself. Don’t forget to comment which one you like or think is going to win?

Family Disagreement!

Oh My!

Holly Jolly Snowy!

Laid Back!.

He’s Right Behind Me Isn’t He?

Let’s Play Hide And Seek!

Hey Excuse me

Grab Life By The…

I wish for…

Oh hi…

Yeah Chest Bump


Warning: Follow At Your Own Risk

Every Fking Monday

I’m Going To Find You


Haha that’s Hilarious Steve

Laughing Zebra

That SpaceMan

Some Dancing … Yeah

Bad Hair Day

Who Would Like A Peanut?