Wild Side of Disney With This Absolutely Hilarious Fan Artwork

We’ve seen several instances where fans have done their own interpretations of what they imagine Disney would be like. Some of them were romantic, some dark, and some were even more adorable than the actual artwork of the characters themselves.

This artist, Jorge D. Espinosa, puts his own spin on several different classics, and some of them are not safe for work (and sadly won’t be featured here), but you can check out his work on Facebook along with various artists that have contributed to Disney Etc.

Source: Facebook

Ooh gurl, werk!

The truth behind the making of The Lion King.

Ariel got her wish…

But now it seems like she’s hating herself for it.

A new pet for Boo.

All the Single Ladies-

Jasmine, should you be in this?

Aurora Hungover

A little post-ball snack, that’s all.

Elsa’s Summer Job

Slumdog Aladdin

What, you expected him to just marry into the riches of Jasmine’s family?

Haha, it’s just a prank bro!

Paint with all the-

Well, that’s…that’s a colour, right?

Peter Pan: Kidnapper.

It’s not that far off actually.


Bouta drop the hottest mixtape of 1952.

Pinocchio has some work cut out for him…

Lana del Mar

Sex Pistols in Wonderland

If Disney princesses wore clothes that were actually historically accurate, this is what they would look like.

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