An Artist Won the Hearts of Millions Through Honest Comics Concerning His Wife’s Everyday Life

Yehuda Devir is a very talented artist from Israel. He lives life with his beloved and keeps the very finer things of this world among people through his comic. Maya is his partner’s name. She’s also a graphic designer and a talented illustrator. Both of them work closely on their comics and leave their mark in the public. Yehuda Devir’s artwork is capable of narrating the whole incident through his illustration without saying anything. Their conversation after the event of Avengers Infinity War is one of his illustrations. In the second illustration, he shows that how a handsome man can do everything. Apart from personal portraits, he also does illustration work for companies, books, and magazines. You can scroll down to experience his amazing artwork. You can also visit his Instagram for more information.

#1 After the events of Avengers: Infinity War

#2 A handyman is someone who can fix something

#3 My girlfriend sent me a gift

#4 In the midst of a quiet, there was a sound…

#5 We’ve decided to go on a diet

#6 Yet another delicacy

#7 Beards are only for adults