Artist Create 20 wholesome comics about a mage who’s all about friendship

You might not have heard it yet that you can meet your favorite hero friendship mage. This whole is created by famous artist Martin Rosner. The same genius artist is behind the Hot Paper comics. You can guess that the fighter you see in the blue dress is everything. We think you have probably guessed friendship. This talented artist Martin’s artwork consists only of taking pictures in their spare time.

The artist very closely decorates this work as an adventure. The artist says that he describes his style with a minimum of color and amateur line work. Their artwork strips will remind you of warm and pea or Sea-Cassandra and which makes it a lot more compact. Martin says that he tells the story in 3-4 panels because that is enough for him. The artist further says that he covers the subject with humor and mental health and he also tries to avoid current political issues. He enjoys talking about humor and mental health and politics isn’t the only thing he likes. Young Croatian has also started making comics now.‌ He got a chance to meet with many very good artists and they have also helped him a lot in walking in this artistic journey.

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