While Trying To Live A Zero- Waste Life, Artist Face Some Struggles

Mira Petrova is a young illustrator and graphic designer who lives in Sofia, Bulgaria. The artist trying her best to live a zero- waste life but very often she fail and it makes her sad and discouraged. However, living a zero- waste life is harder than we think and the artist Mira loves to illustrate her struggles in a webcomic titled “Waste Aware Animals”.

The simple truth is—zero waste living can be hard! But I realized the following: the more I become “aware” of what I buy and what alternatives I have, the more conscious I become; my decision-making process changes and with that, the amount of waste I produce. That’s how the term “waste awareness” appeared in my life. Zero waste just sounded way too ambitious and overwhelming.

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So with that new approach to the subject, she started creating this comic strip. She decided to call it Waste Aware Animals. She wanted to give people a fun and positive way to learn and share about the zero waste philosophy, free of shame and guilt. And spread the message that we can all be part of the change or inspire it in others, sometimes even with the smallest actions.


The characters are all animals (even though they live in the big city and face all the everyday life problems), well, who could possibly be a better inspiration for sustainable living than the animals?



All the stories in the comics are inspired either by my personal experiences and situations that I have witnessed or overheard. Since we started publishing it, people also write in to share zero waste-related situations, ideas, and successes and I couldn’t be happier and more grateful. It makes me feel like we’re all part of one big community and together, we can make a difference.