What If The Disney Princesses All Lived Together?

Do you think if Disney princesses lived in the real world how would they be?

We all have seen different Disney princesses in different times, even in different centuries. They had their challenges and problems in their lives But have you ever thought that what if they all lived together at the same time, what will happen then. They all are very different in terms of their personalities morals and values and we love them all. Will there be clashes between them or they will be best friends with each other.

There are so many questions but not enough answers. To answer these questions an artist named Amy Mebberson created a series named “Pocket Princesses”. In this, they show what happens if all the Disney princesses started living together in the real world.

The artist has shown the real-life struggles they have to face being princesses in the real world. These comics show the relationships fighting these princesses face.

Scroll down and find some of our picks from her series.

#1 Anna in the real world

#2 Elsa in the real world

#3 Snow white in the real world

#4 Rapunzel in the real world

#5 Pocahontas in the real world

#6  Just a couple more

#7 Cinderella in the real world

#8 MCU fans

#9 Mulan in the real world

#10 Aurora in the real world

#11 Jasmine in the real world

#12 happy birthday Disney

#13 Sweet songs

#14 Merida in the real world

#15 Belle in the real world

#16 Ariel in the real world

#17 Freeze

#17 Tiana in the real world

#18 An apple a day keeps the witch away

#19 Hair routine.

#20 Dressup

#21 Perfect man

#22 Piece od advise

#23 Bad luck or not

#24 Paint a monster

#25 Happy New year

#26 Secrets

#27 Sharing

#26 Fashion queen

#27 Big cat wants to play

#28 Wrong house

#29 Girls want to fight

#30 Jasmine never listens