What If Disney Princesses Were More Diverse?

Disney character has always been the artist’s favorite to medal with. Growing up Disney characters has always been a big part of our lives. Everyone has once in their life wanted to live like their favorite character.

Earlier the spectrum of these characters was so small they fitted into a specific category. Everyone wanted to see themselves as the characters but was not possible because of body type race color etc.

There is an artist’s Tumblr site Let There Be Doodles who wanted them to be inclusive so they took it upon themselves and tweaked some things in the princess’s looks. The artist said they just did it for fun there was no agenda behind it. They just loved Disney and wanted to edit a version of every character of Disney but thought of starting with the women.

The artist believes that there is beauty in every racial background and it should be explored more.

She took the female characters and changed their race and color with some minimal changes. They turned out to be so different and inclusive which is a delight to look at.

It’s beautiful to see such white beauties in diverse characters.

Scroll down and see our best picks from these ethnically diverse Disney princesses.

#1 Beautiful Eilonwy

# 2 A hair color change a lot (Kida)

#3 Esméralda

#4 Egyptian beauty (Meg)

#5 Asian Jane looks so cool

#6 Beautiful as ever (Mulan)

#7 A little color change can go a long way (Snow white)

#8 Jasmine

#9 Nothing to see here (Cinderella)

#10 Aurora with dreads

#11 Brown girl Belle

#12 Just a little bling (Tiana)

#13 Pocahontas

#14 Indian beauty (Arial)

#15 Black hair looks great on Anna

#16 Merida 

#17 Not blonde Rapunzel?

#18 Elsa