What Comes After Happily Ever After? These Amazing Pieces of Fan Art Gives Us An Idea

As Disney fans, everyone has heard the term happily ever after but how do we know if that happened. Have you ever thought about what happens after the movie ends on a good note?

This question always remains, unless there is a sequel made. Some fans decided to take it upon themselves and illustrated what would happen after the movie ends. They made fan arts using their imagination of what would have happened after the movie ended.

Here we have picked some of the best Happy Ever After art from various artists.

#1 Frozen

Anna and Kristoff get married and start a wonderful family. They are an adorable family with a girl and a boy. Of course, the story could not be completed without aunt Elsa.

#2 The Legend of Zelda

BeagleTsuin has drawn such a cute family picture of Link and Tetra and their children Finn & Shelli. They make such a cute family.

#3 Beauty and the Beast

So Imagine if the beast would not have turned into the prince at the end of the movie then what would have happened.

An artist spicysteweddemon made a fan art imagining the scenario.

He made the art by imagining how would the family look based on the assumption he did not change into adam.

#4 Hercules

Artist took the creative and created a family picture of Hercules. It is a little uncomfortable given Hercules’s story in greek mythology but who can deny that these pictures are adorable.

#5 Harry Potter

This fan art shows Hermione and Ron with their two adorable.

They look full of character and fun with Rose and Hugo.