Parents Share The Weirdest Sentences Their Kids Have Ever Said

Kids have no verbal filter and speak everything from their hearts. They are quite mysterious and say whatever pops into their little minds. That is why; many parents worry about what their kids could say in front of others. Some kids can communicate with spirits and can come up with the horrifying stories ever. Several theories are proving that kids can see ghosts as they do not have social customs.

Whether it is true or not, kids telling scariest stories to their parents are shocking that no adult could come up with. There is no better proof than parents revealing the situations and things told by their children themselves. Here, we have mentioned some of the Tweets that parents made after hearing things their kids told them. The list of creepy sentences showing some irregular talks by not-so-funny kids will surely freak you out.

source: cre8aha | FormerGop_mom | Jeamar914 | Bunny_manning

#1 Kid pointed to the window and said, Aunt Peg

#2 True stories 

#3 Baby friend Lisa

#4 Children thinking about space

#5 Correcting Trip guide

#6 Goodbye my girl

#7 No jumping on the bed

#8 Move from the apartment

#9 The child already knew uncle died

#10 The town named exists

#11 Re-embodiment

#12 Playing with a ghost

#13 Other mother stories

#14 Mother went backward

#15 Grandfather ghost