12 Amazing Sketches About The Weird Struggles Of Everyday Life Of Girls

We girls are weird people especially in our twenties. we keep wandering  around, not knowing what is going to happen next. Because Girls have their own weird problems, frustrations, anxieties. So We face the most weirdest struggles in this modern world. But it feels a bit better when we know that we’re not alone in this.

I recently discovered some comics based on everyday life struggles. And this special one is just for our lovely ladies. Because we girls experience a lot of weird things but rarely talk about them. Because you know we girls think that maybe these are the common things that happens.

So let us introduce you an artist, The artist Liv AKA Olivera. Liv is from Belgrade, Serbia and currently she’s studying Physical chemistry. She draw sketches base on everyday life situations, anxieties, random thoughts. Her sketches are might surprise you but it’s very common than your thoughts. She’s a science student but Science never came between her and her love for funny drawings.

Her sketches made her think that life is full of surprises and weird experiences. life is like everybody is just living in it. And nobody is alone in their struggles. she uses a phone and her fingers to make fun sketches.

Scroll down and enjoy everyday struggles with fun sketches, Have fun!!