20 Hilarious Comics With Weird And Unexpected Endings By Tony Esp

We come with the best comic by a talented artist from Mexico. The name of this talented artist is Tony Asp and his comics are full of dark humor. After reading such terrible dark humor, you will burst into laughter. You will find yourself very light and all the stress of your day will also end.  You will also get to see unexpected endings in the comics of this artist. The artist, through his comics, conveys humor with unexpected endings in just a few panels. Anything currently trending such as pop culture, games, music, or TV shows. The artist makes people laugh a lot by putting all these trending topics in his comics in a very funny way. His webcomics will not let you get bored in alone time at all. It is full of humor and also serves to provide enough entertainment to you and your friends.

The artist also has a lot of influence on social media and he also has a huge fan following. He has 36k+ fans on Instagram.  His fans are very much influenced by the artistry of the artists. The artist says that he first thought of sketching comics in 2016. And he has been making comics since then. The source of the artist’s inspiration is everything that happens around. And through his best comics, he also works to present his funny style to people.