Artists Draws 20 “War And Peas” Hilarious Comics With Epic Twists And Unexpected Endings

Are you bored in this pandemic or with everything going on in your life?? If Yes, Then let us introduce you to the fun, to one of the hilarious web-comic “War And Peas”. This web-comic strip has gathered thousands of followers and we’re still counting, from all over the world. This series is full of epic twists yet unexpected endings. And the best part about this series is that we’re gonna get new one every Sunday. Creators released a new one and is presently flooding the comic world on internet with its epic twists. But who’s the mastermind?

“War And Peas” has the hilarious creator duo. Artist Jonathan Kunz & Elizabeth Pich are the brains behind this epic series. This hilarious duo have become well known and popular for their dark humor featuring whacky characters. In Year 2011, This epic duo from Saarbrucken, a town on the German-French border published their first web-comic series. from there, This series became everyone’s favorite.

They draw their comics with some crisp of dark humor that leads to quirky twist they draw the epic twists about the weird and crazy situations they seem totally made up cause they are based on unfulfilled desires and tragedy of modern human condition and everyday life situations. which make this comic more hilarious. The epic duo observe things and then they plot hilarious twists with some crisp of their dark humor. their most featured work and characters include highly skilled dogs, awful ghosts and sassy robots.

Lets check out below.