Hers’s 16 Weirdly Creepy Illustrative Versions Of Superheroes

We all love superheroes and so we all are very passionate about them. And because we love them we can’t imagine them in any other weird creepy version. And as a fan we all know that “fan” actually derived from “fanatic”. Which means “A  person filled with excessive and single-minded zeal”.

So there are two types of fans and their ways to love their superheroes are different. s there are some fans who like superhero movies & they love to read their books. But because these fans are so casual and their love doesn’t affect the rest of their life. And then there are other die-hard fans, who take it to another level. Because they love superheroes so much, so their lives revolve around them. they eat, sleep, breathe their fandom. Sometimes they speak in the style of their superheroes and act like them. And because they love them so much they can’t imagine them in some creepy version.

Meet the Chilean cartoonist Karlo Ferdon, Who will make you hate him if you’re a die-hard superhero fan. Karlo thinks that superheroes could be weird and creepy. well, he really needs to get these superheroes out of his life. Because he illustrated creepy versions of superheroes. Seriously!!

You better have a look and enjoy if you’re a casual fan.

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