French Artist’s 15 Honest Illustrations That Show Unseen Side Of Women’s Beauty

Artist Cecile Dormeau is a french illustrator, who creates beautiful illustrations as a reminder that women’s bodies and imperfections are different and appreciably unique from one another.

She worked in graphic design agencies in Hamburg and Berlin. She continued her german adventure working as a junior Art director in Ogilvy Frankfurt before starting her illustrator career.

People say pictures speak a thousand words but Cecile Dormeau illustrations say so much more. She uses Instagram as a platform to showcase the different experiences of modern woman and the problems like body positivity, dating and misogyny. Her humor makes her audience laugh, think and feel. She has over 266k followers on Instagram and received a write-up in India Times whose title best sums up her work: “French Artist’s Brilliant Illustrations Are A Celebration Of The Badass In Every Woman.”

Source- Instagram


Be satisfied with your body appearance is what Artist Cecile preaches. She has kept reiterating that being a woman is a difficult task in life and that without a woman, no one’s life can go on. Cecile’s illustrations remain a celebration of women’s shapes, warts, hair length, and even bra sizes. You’ll be left thrilled at how brilliant she has been, bringing out the rarely-seen side of every woman.


It’s no secret that women come in all shapes and sizes, and each of them is a unique piece of art and this french artist with an amazing talent reveal the beauty of real women. Her colorful illustrations and gifs show the real beauty women.