20 Dark Humor Comics With Unexpected Twists (New Pics)

On the famous Instagram page Dogs on the 4th, you will find a lot of interesting dark comics. You can also call this Instagram page a repository of dark comics. This famous page’s creator’s name is Elliot Fairweather and he tells in his description that he loves you guys so much and that’s why he makes great comics. You will get to see terrible and wonderful humor in his comics. Along with the dirty and dark humor, you’ll also find weird twists in their artwork. You can even call his pictures oddly funny and you will laugh a lot looking at them.

This talented artist chooses a plethora of themes for his comics and wraps them up with dark and dirty undertones. In conversation with Bored Panda, the artist explained that he tries to cover almost every topic but at the same time he usually tries to avoid current events. Because as long as the pen keeps hitting the paper makes it possible that those jokes have been made before. You must take a look at the comics of this talented artist. We sincerely hope that you will definitely be impressed by this and also share it with your friends.

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