30 Crazy Comics With Unexpected Twists By VeryCereals

Pandemic has been very difficult for everyone for the past two years. Because of the lockdown, we were forced to stay home which made a lot of us anxious. That has made us appreciate little things in life much more.

Laughter can show us that some things are not as meaningful or important as we thought they were. and that makes life easier in a way.
With the internet being more accessible now it’s easier to give more opportunities to the artist for creating more content.
It is purely a talent to make someone laugh, and an illustrator Mohamed El Mayati AKA Very.cereals takes pride in it.

Mayati was born and raised in Germany and is currently studying Computer Science. He has been pursuing art for the last ten years. According to Mayati, he always liked learning new skills, and drawing art was something he had been interested in for so long. That’s how he ended up learning it from YouTube tutorials. Moe is fairly a new artist in the comics field but, because he is so good at what he does artist has gained a lot of popularity and now has over 13.5k followers.

Artist wanted the freedom to express himself through his art, which is why he chooses really simple topics and twists them in his way. These effortless twists are just hilarious. He believes humor should have no rules as it gives us the power to express every emotion, every situation in our way.
He takes a random daily life situation and twists it in a way it seems so relatable.

Comics are full of dark humor, skillful illustrations, funny twists, sharp endings and so much more to make you laugh.