My 30 Illustrations That Show The Undiscovered Life Of Drinks

Do you like wine? of course you do. I mean who isn’t right? stupid question. But have you ever wondered what it would be like if every drink had a world of its own? No? well well. So, we’ll tell you what it looks like. But for that, you have to meet a very good mind and its work. So let’s introduce you to them.

Meet Teo Zirinis aka HandsOffMyDinosaur . he is from Greece and he is a cartoonist who likes to draw quirky optical witticisms. So, A significant chunk of their inventive process is studying objects and trying to perceive them from a varied prospect. He presumes them coming to life and dealing with numerous so witty, goofy, or relatable circumstances.

And, so In his compilation of photographs, he portrayed the mysterious world of Drink. So,  Be it wine, coffee, or cocktails, drinks are a tremendous part of our everyday lives, and they have been a transcendent source of incentive for many of his designs. Here they are so entertaining in all kinds of adventures and shenanigans. I hope you enjoy them!

Teo was painting and doodling since childhood. So all his academy works were full of goofy sketches and comics. So he experienced that drawing has always felt like escapism for him and he has eternally loved the excitement that it fascinated him in his little world.

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After studying abroad (in the UK) a few years ago, he returned to Greece and hasn’t left since. So he considers that it is a great beginning of inspiration. like Amazing weather, food, traditional markets, the inventive scene that blends modern and artistic culture, are all things that stimulated his creative process.




So, silly thoughts come to his mind (usually at the strangest of times). And, so he writes them down and makes quick sketches of most of them. He then works on those he likes best until he is happy with the result. He’s also a big fan of wordplay, so if he throws a sentence in there too, he’s more than happy!