Ukrainian sniper dressed as Predator fighting Russians with energy drink and knife

Russian soldiers with knowledge of classic sci-fi films may have been unnerved recently to see a man in a Predator mask stalking them in battle in Ukraine.

A Ukrainian sniper named ‘Casper’ was spotted wearing a Predator mask while fighting against Russian troops (Image: Voices for Ukraine)

A man, known only as ‘Casper’ has taken up arms against the invading Russians wearing a mask of the titular character from the movie franchise, along with army fatigues.

Casper has gone viral recently, thanks to a video filmed by one of his fellow fighters, in which he gives his thoughts on the war, while sat in a quiet moment with his weapon of choice, a knife, and a can of energy drink.

In the video, posted on YouTube and titled ‘Ukrainian sniper & his true thoughts’, Casper is asked by one of his comrades to say something. His response is poignant, if a little odd.

“My heart is broken like a glass and there’s no sense in living further,” she says to the camera. Then he takes off the mask and adds: “I invited you to a dance and you said $2,000 per hour.”

The ghillie-suit wearing sniper said that his ‘heart is broken’ over the war in Ukraine (Image: Voices for Ukraine)

He then smiles at the camera and salutes using his knife.

The short clip has received hundreds of comments on the site, mostly from people expressing support for the fighter and his cause, but with some also making jokes that if Ukraine has Predator on its side, then the Russians have no chance.

The sniper’s mask comes from the Predator series of films, with the first released in 1986 (Image: 20th Century Fox)

Predator has become a cult classic over the years since its release in 1987. The film, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, sees an elite paramilitary team stalked in the rainforest by technologically advanced alien. It has since spawned a movie franchise, with the latest instalment, a prequel called Prey, set for release later this year.