Twisted Endings: 30 Dark Humor Comics By This Artist

Dark humor is not always appreciated and is often misunderstood. Balancing the humor with satire is a difficult job but, when done right, it’s hilarious. Bathpoopoo is one of those people who can make it happen. His artwork is quirky, weird and at the same time, it’s hysterical.
As the name, Bathpoopoo itself gives a fun vibe, his content is also very entertaining. The artist has not shared his real name or identity on social media. He feels it gives him the freedom to express himself better. As he refers to himself as an introvert, drawing comics and expressing himself without the pressure of getting judged by people is great.

The most attractive part of the artwork is the surprise endings these comics have.
He expressed that he likes to challenge norms and be unexpected. He likes drawing around certain topics like horror, monsters and going beyond the barriers.
His art is full of puns and funny wordplay which is enough to make anyone laugh. His comics are a great combination of good art and great funny puns.
Some of the illustrations are creepy, but at the same time, it’s uncomfortably funny.
As horror is his favorite genre, he brings out one’s weirdest nightmares into a funny comic series.
Whether it be a monster under the bed or being eaten by pizza slices in a parallel universe, he has got every weird thing in here. He has got everything in these comics from everyday awkward situations, monsters to taking every word literally as it is said.

He has over 17K followers on Instagram and is still growing. According to his Instagram bio, Barack Obama has called his comics – “Most messed up comics” which we think mostly is true.

Scroll down and enjoy our best picks by Bathpoopoo.