Amusing Tweets Which Clearly Depicts That God Is Class Clown


As we all know, God is the creator of the universe. God created not only humans but also many creatures. God has also created a lot of things that are very difficult to understand. You do not have to be religious to appreciate this funny tweet about God’s enemies above. 

From creating strange animals to being amazed at the mess he (or she) made, these jokes are on fire. There is nothing wrong with making fun, even if it is about God. According to some peoples, God is the funniest creature for them because God made such funny things, and, yes, we can make fun of those things.  

Here are some adorable tweets in which God looks like a class clown. In some, tweets show God talking to fairies before creating things like Coconut, Slugs, Mammoths, Dogs, Unicorns, Kangaroo, etc. God says that human has made tempered with the things have made and created them differently. Tempering with Nature can be overwhelming, and today’s man is tampering with Nature in the name of science.

Like God and the angel make fun of coconut before making it. There are also Other things besides human beings can be used just like human beings.


























The bottom line is that God has created so many things that should leave the way they are. But Man tempers with the things of Nature, which also can affect humans and wildlife. The moral of the story is that Nature should be allowed to remain as it was.