Little Tweaks to Disney Movies That Would Improve The Storyline

Whether it is about real or reel, nothing is perfect in this world. Disney universe seems so attractive, but there is something to add on to make it more impressive. Sometimes all you need is a little tweak to make things better than before. A slight enhancement can turn things around faultless. 

Disney movies can use a couple of twists that can improve the storyline. Being a Disney fan, don’t you think some stories require certain tweaks to enhance the viewer’s interest? Tweaks can increase the creativity level making the older versions better and interesting. It can be controversial talk or influencing. Disney has always shown something exciting, and adding these little tweaks will surely make the content more engaging for the audience.

source: Dorkly

#1 The lady asking to not tell anyone that the kid playing with a snake is the result of the king cheating on her. It’s great Grand Daughter.

#2 The lion thinking to name one child Mufasa, which means King, and the other one scar. 

#3 The child-eating 4 dozen eggs every morning.

#4 No one can paint the wind as it is invisible.

#5 Cinderella making clothes for rats.

#6 Angel making puppets into real people.

#7 An argument between father and son