Tumblr User Tells Story About A Demon That Gets Adopted By Grandma And It Needs To Be A Movie

Sometimes we unintentionally make someone happy without even realizing it. The things we thought were mistakes at first end up making our lives so much more beautiful. We read lot of stories in our day today life and everything is related to something or another. But this story is one of my favourite. I personally suggest to read it and it’s really worth reading it. The moral of this story will blow your mind.

It starts with an old and homely grandmother accidentally summons a demon. She mistakes him for her gothic-phase teenage grandson and take care of him and the demon decides to stay at his new home. I think Netflix should make a show on this and I am pretty much sure it would be a hit. A sort of dark comedy. You’ll understand what I am talking about once you read below.This is First and only adorable picture to suck you right into the story.

This demon never know what he was getting into.

The story starts out with some confusion from the demon.

How did he get summoned here and why is no one here?

All these questions encircling the demon’s mind are soon answered.

He realizes that he is not at a normal witches’ house.

To be fair, a usual witch isn’t this kind-hearted.

This old lady seems to think he is her grandson which surprises him.

Since no one would look at him and think he remotely resembles a human.

He is taken aback by the show of affection from the old lady.

He has clearly never experienced something like this and it is making him uncomfortable.

However, he goes along with her fantasy for the time being.

He doesn’t know why he does that but he just can’t let her heart break.

So he decides then and there that he will be her grandson from now on.

They even go outside and the people are surprised to see a demon but remain quite.

And her heart is what he wants the most.

They spent a long while together but he doesn’t want to let her go.

So he fights the reaper that comes to take her away.

And goes on a journey that no other demon has ever taken.

No matter the hurdles he keeps going towards his destination.

He is getting tired by the moment but he never gives up for her sake.

He has done what he needed to do and now he has to go.

But it seems she is the one holding onto him now.

And this is how the story of an old woman and her grandson ends or does it?

I don’t know about you but I much prefer this ending.

Demon: You’re not blind here – but you’re not surprised. when…?

Anette: Oh, Toddy, don’t be silly, my biological grandson’s not twelve feet tall and doesn’t scorch the furniture when he sneezes. I’ve known for ages.

Demon: Then why?

Anette: You wouldn’t have stayed if you weren’t lonely too.

Demon: You… you don’t have to keep calling me your grandson.

Anette: Nonsense! adopted children are just as real. now quit sniffling, you silly boy, and let’s go bake a cake. honey, heel!

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