Artist Reimagined Disney Princesses As Marvel And DC Characters

When it comes Disney, Princesses are the first image we form in our mind. They are very courageous in their own character. However, they are represented as superheroes by some famous artists. There is a lack of a strong female presence in the scenes. Thus here we have collected some major warriors. How will you imagine them in your mind as a warrior?

Here is the description for you to understand how we have tried to capture them differently. The results presented are just incredible by us. With this, you may check the modern transformation of Disney Princesses into warriors. You may not have thought of it before, even in your dreams.

#1 Meet Tiana Storm a great Disney Warrior into a unique transformation.

#2 Ariel as Jean Grey. It seems that character better suits her.

#3 Have you ever thought of Elsa would appear as Thor ever before? So, here is an example for you.

#4 Meet our flying Anna. She can better play the role of Wasp.

#5 A great transformation of Cindrella turning to be a Wonder Woman. Our Wonder Cindrella!

#6 The magical Snow White as Loki. It seems she is a magician.

#7 A bit scary Merida as Hulk.

#8 It seems a transformation of Black Widow to Vanellope von Schweetz.

#9 Moana can play any role. She is an all-rounder.

#10 See how a sleeping beauty turns into Captain America.

#11 A great and unexpected transformation of Mulan into Gamora.

#12 Turning of Jasmine into a Batman seems very astonishing and thrilling. Eager to see this character of Disney very soon.

#12 Could someone imagine even before this turning of Pocahontas to Wolverine?

#14 Our Rapunzel Supergirl. She is just lovely!

#15 The best transformation of Belle to an Iron Man.

So, how did you feel after seeing such a big transformation? Hopefully, you would like it though. We are happy to introduce you with some more. Keep suggesting!