Artist Perfectly Draws The Reality Of ‘Toxic’ Relationships, And It’s Too Relatable

We must understand that living in a toxic relationship is like living in a dark tunnel, a tunnel where we are not able to see anything and there is no way out. But now aforesaid has not kept this relationship away. The belief that being with the devil rather than being with the new angel persists. Staying away from the toxic effect and removing the toxicity lies in the mindset of the devotees. It can help to open the doors of a brighter future and greater heights.

Jean Dolly is a talented artist living in Amsterdam, Netherlands and through this article, she is preaching to people who are constantly exposed to poisoning and let go of the fog and start looking at things positively. We must understand that toxic relationship closes our minds to optimistic things. Jean continues to make a place in people’s hearts through her comics. The title of her new comic is ‘Somebody I used to Know’, and that just describes a completely normal person who leaches to her instead of forming a pattern with her. This talented artist has already documented her life experiences and thoughts in a series of comics and illustrated short stories. This artist describes the person as a friend of a friend in the story. She never perceives a character of a mean person but she understands that how a broker person may be experiencing things. Jean describes how it is a need to be in a relationship and also how it is difficult to handle one. So let us have a look at it.

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