Kate Ferdinand’s fans rush to support her as she shares honest ‘dark spot’ selfie

Ex-TOWIE star Kate Ferdinand inspired her fans again. She spoken up frankly about the dark patch of skin pigmentation above her upper lip. first she was little scared About opening up to media and her followers about her insecurities, But then this beautiful 30-year-old lady decided to share a very brave bare-faced selfie with her 1.4Million followers on Friday to address the hatred and disgusting comments she has received about her facial appearance over the years. she was glad she did.

The wife of Manchester United icon Rio Ferdinand & The loving mum-of-one admitted her biggest issue she has with her appearance in an endangered post online. She opened up about the question she constantly being asked about what the “dark patch above her lip” is? And shared a photo with no-makeup with the caption “PIGMENTATION”.

She revealed her bare skin that makes her feel vulnerable and uncomfortable, But she promised herself that  “she’s sick of having crazy unrealistic expectations of all the time” And now she’ll love herself as she is. Her fans flooded her with emotional support and started sharing their own hidden insecurities. In her post, The blonde beauty shared her thoughts about her no-makeup selfie.

She wrote: “PIGMENTATION”, “Kate what’s the dark thing above your lip?

“Me without makeup. for the last few years even with SPF 50 and a hat ,as soon as the sun comes out my face looks like a patch work”.

She continued: “I always feel so insecure about it & it really does get me down, I try to cover it at all costs”.

“for much of my life I’ve felt like i have to try my best to be perfect. I am fed up of having crazy unrealistic expectations all of the time”.

“although I make it hard for myself sometimes, I am trying my best to love myself as I am”.

Kate’s honesty sparked her fans and people expressed their support and share their own experience of pigmentation.

LOVE ISLAND Fame Dani Dyer who admitted she’s going through the same thing, she said ” I am so going through this right now so glad you’ve shared this Kate”.

Fans also shared their experience with contraceptive pill and pregnancy.

one wrote: “This happens to me and people asks”.

another commented: “I had exactly the same after having my children”.

The comments were so overwhelmingly positive so Kate left another comment.

She commented: “I can’t believe how many of you have similar.. I am just reading through all of your messages. I am glad I am not alone.