Thrilling Fan Theories For Famous Disney Princess That Will Blow Your Mind

The universe of Disney is an ever-growing period of characters and storylines. The concept of Disney princesses- strong, fierce, loyal, and smart has amazed many fans. If there is one thing, we know about Disney fandom is that they love coming up with fantastic theories about their beloved movies and characters. Some of their ideas are impressive and some are bizarre. In some cases, theories are confirmed to be right. 

There are numerous theories to address them all at one time. However, we have listed some of the most fascinating theories supported by persuasive evidence. Read along to know these interesting fan theories based on the brave, smart, and strong leading ladies.

#1 The Ocean killed Moana to become a Demigod

#2 Girl Worth Fighting For in Mulana is the little girl from the village

#3 Merida is a successor of Mor’du

#4 Big Daddy LaBouff bought The Old Sugar Mill for Tiana

#5 Ariel accidentally enchanted Eric, due to which he was obsessed with her

#6 Favorite book of Belle is Sleeping Beauty

#7 Rapunzel hair heals both mentally and physically

#8 The Ocean chose Moana to restore The Heart of Te Fiti

#9 Ling, Yao, and Chien-Po befriended Mulan as she was a woman

#10 The King Hide Elsa’s Power