This Artist Reimagines Disney Princesses as Moms, and It’s So Beautiful

We all must have wondered once in our lie what happens after the happily ever afters in Disney movies. There is a Russian artist Oksana Pashchenko that has taken it upon herself to answer these questions and has made some amazing fan arts.

She has made many series imagining what happens after the movie ends. She has done a series from princesses’ weddings to being pregnant. Most series have caught everyone’s eyes quite a bit, which is a princess with their kids.

Pashchenko explains that she loves imagining the afterlife of these characters and making art out of it. She gets most of her inspiration from her surroundings.

She says that she likes to draw on themes of family, love, and motherhood. Because she herself is going through those stages of her life and her children inspire her the most. These are the reasons that make her art fun and beautiful.

Her artwork captures the special bond of a family beautifully. She illustrates princesses like Jasmine and Aurora with their partners and imagined kids. The cutest part of her illustrations is the matching outfits of the kids with their moms and some things like Belle’s baby has a cute cup toy. These are some intricate details like this that make it so unique.

This series has become everyone’s favorite on Instagram. They love to revisit their favorite Disney characters like this. The artist has more than 98.8k followers on Instagram.

Scroll down and find Oksana Pashchenko’s latest series.

#1 Ariel and baby Melody

#2 Pocahontas and her baby in racoon costume

#3 Cinderella and her baby in rat ears

#4 Mulan and her baby 

#5 Snow White and her baby 

#6 Aurora and her baby in Maleficent costume

#7 Jasmine and her baby tiger

#8 Tiana and her beautiful daughter

#9 Belle and her baby