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This Artist Illustrated The Struggles She Faces While Trying To Live A Zero-Waste Life

Global warming is a serious concern, and our present generation is working hard on all possible ideas and thoughts to control the situation. Just like any other concerned citizen Mira Petrova, an artist from Bulgarian has been occupied with the same thoughts and feelings about global warming. She dreamed of living a zero-waste life as well where she illustrated her struggle tales in the form of webcomic and expressed how difficult it is to maintain such life. “The simple truth is—zero waste living can be hard! But I realized the following: the more I become “aware” of what I buy and what alternatives I have, the more conscious I become; my decision making process changes and with that, the amount of waste I produce,” writes Mira.

Do check out her amazing webcomic ‘Waste Aware Animals’ down here!


Zero Waste












The artist further added that her comics are based on her personal experiences or the situations she has witnessed. She also received many stories and ideas from on zero waste-related situations from others ever since she started publishing the comic. Mira believes that we’ll are part one big community and together we can make a change














Zero Waste


Zero Waste


Zero Waste


Zero Waste


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Written by Piyali Majumder


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