The New Cartoons On How The Pandemic Has Changed Our Lives Illustrated By An Artist

As we all are aware how this pandemic has been changed everyone’s life. Things have been changed faster than anyone could have ever imagined. It affected almost everything from buying groceries, to dating, working and playing and this list never ends.

In the initial days of the Covid-19 in April, artist has been trying to deal with stress by drawing and sharing her cartoons with others. She called this series Covid Life. As we live in the “New Normal” we grieve our previous lives, even everyday.

Many of us has high hopes for 2021, but unfortunately it has been disappointing.

Covid Life has become a diary of everyday life that turned out to be relatable to many people around the world, although I think this latest batch of drawings is becoming darker and less funny. I get inspiration mostly from doom-scrolling endless bad news, or when I talk to my family and friends. Our reality has become so unbelievable that simply portraying the truth in my cartoons is absurd and funny.

We all are expecting to get back our full normal lives. I’m hoping Covid-19 vaccine gets spread out enormously. By the time these cartoons will bring a smile on everyone’s face.

Source:- Instagram

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