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Texts From Guys That Every Girl Has Received Once In Her Life

Boys have their angle of humor, and they very well know how to twist a convo to their desired route. You know what I mean! The screenshots of texts from guys to girls here are an epitome of just that. They will make you laugh, facepalm or even cringe, and they’re entertaining AF! Scroll down for a scoop of roasting, too!

#1 Let’s begin with this…

#2 How much time will she take to decode that?

#3 When she knows how to trick and piss you off…

#4 The difference between expectation and reality, hits hard.

#5 Things happen.

#6 When she’s not able to catch the ‘horny’ joke!

#7 Now that bleeds, straightness!

#8 That’s how she roasts and knows how to piss off.

#9 When 21 questions just boil down to one single question, no matter what!

#10 When the guy gradually drives the convo to a date invite…

#11 Dude, THIS IS EPIC.

#12 Awww! Not cuteness but creepiness overloaded.

#13 Mutual consent, eh?

#14 I wonder what’s the reply to this.

#15 That’s how compliments take a flip!

#16 It hurts, bad! Touche.

#17 Not wrong, either.

#18 A game of games!

#19 And that’s how she wins!

#20 Naughty, huh!

#21 Now this may spark a debate!

#22 When niceness gets misunderstood, heavily!

#23 When in love/lust everything seems sexy!

#24 No choice left, but this!

#25 When the guy tries to be humorous, overboard!

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