12 Terrifying Horror Movies Inspired By Real-Life Stories

We all love to watch a horror movie at night. No matter how frightening a horror movie is, you know at the end that the events are not real. But what if they are real? Knowing that a horror movie is based on a true story is actually something that makes a scary movie scarier. This is a technique that most film producers and book publishers using for decades, whether they are real or not. 

Some horror movies are inspired by made-up stories that many people believed actually happened in real. Some of these stories are based on inspiration from folk tales or unexplained behavior. And some are actually based upon true stories which you can find below. Scroll down to take a look at some of the horror movies based upon real-life stories that can make you aroused.

Source: Warner Bros

#1 The Nun

#2 Scream 2- The Gainesville Ripper was behind the mask

#3 Silence of the Lambs- Some scenes were inspired by Ted Bundy

#4 Texas Chain Saw Massacre and Psycho– Inspired by Ed Gein

#5 Split- Inspired by Billy Milligan

#6 Adrift

#7 Awakenings- Autobiography of Oliver Sacks

#8 Bernie- Story of Bernie Tiede

#9 Zodiac

#10 Regression

#11 The Conjuring- Paranormal Investigators

#12 Heavenly Creatures- Story of Pauline Parker and Juliet Hulme